"It's an amazingly unique space with positive energy and a staff willing to help see you smash your athletic or fitness goals."

- Kacey Tulley, Boston Qualifier

Landall helped me go from someone who was getting dropped constantly to someone who can now work on dropping others. Looking forward to setting some goals for next year and working hard.
— Mike Gurtzweiler, Cat 4 Cyclist
I’m thankful for the friendships I’ve developed at the Lab. There really is a sense of community there and I love it!
— Sara Franklin, Ironman Triathlete
Without a doubt, I accomplished my goals because of Landall’s coaching knowledge. He made it possible to be a father, a husband, a working professional, and a competitive athlete.
— Jay Dove, Cat 3 Road/Cat 2 Cyclocross, 2012 Cycle Sportif Series Champ
The CompuTrainer workout is amazing. Not only does it simulate hills, it also gives you precise feedback on your RPMs and watts so you know how much effort you’re putting in. We all know cycling burns a TON of calories.
— Paula Grech, Cyclist
After spending much time at the Lab, I decided to take the step and train for an Ironman. Landall was hired as coach and together with three new friends I had met at the Lab, the training started. Today we can call ourselves Ironmen!
— Thobias Bjork, Ironman Triathlete
The long MIchigan winter was made infinitely more bearable by taking CompuTrainer classes with Landall. They are a great mix of challenging fun that I am already seeing pay dividends as I finally get a chance to ride outside.
— Gayle Krueger, Runner and Cyclist